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Giovedì notte, le forze armate pakistane dell'ovest hanno attaccato la caserma della polizia a Razarbagh ed il quartier generale dell'EPR a Dacca. [206] Other estimates place the death toll lower, at 300,000. Il presidente Yahya indisse per l'ottobre 1970 le prime elezioni generali dall'indipendenza del 1947. "Nixon, Kissinger and the breakup of Pakistan, 1971. Ci si concentrò contro obiettivi economici e militari a Dacca. The complete Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, 1971 Massacre in Bangladesh and the Fallacy in the Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report, Dr. M.A. [75][76][77] Defected East Pakistan military officers and the elements of Indian Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) immediately started using the Indian refugee camps for recruitment and training of Mukti Bahini guerrillas that were to be trained against Pakistan. It resulted in the independence of the People's Republic of Bangladesh. Via Dhaka Tribune . The Bangladesh Force, namely the Mukti Bahini, consisting of Niyomito Bahini (Regular Force) and Oniyomito Bahini (Guerilla Force), was formed under the retired colonel Mohammad Ataul Gani Osmani. [226] The War Commission had recommended public trial of Pakistan Army generals on the charges that they had been responsible for the situation in the first place and that they had succumbed without a fight,[227] but no actions were ever taken against those responsible, except the dismissal of chiefs of the Pakistan Army, Pakistan Air Force, Pakistan Navy, and decommissioning of the Pakistan Marines. By Towheed Feroze. Esercito e milizie paramilitari si macchiarono sistematicamente di atrocità volte al genocidio della popolazione bengalese. Il Ciclone di Bhola tra il 12 ed il 13 novembre causò 500.000 vittime (anche se le prime stime ufficiali parlarono di 150.000 morti e 100.000 persone scomparse). Mujibnagar. [59] In reaction, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman called for general strikes that eventually shutdown the government, and dissidents in the East began targeting the ethnic Bihari community, which had supported West Pakistan. [114][115] The IAF flew 4,000 sorties while the PAF offered little in retaliation, partly because of the paucity of non-Bengali technical personnel. [40] When the ceasefire that came from the surrender of East Pakistan was finally announced, the people could not come to terms with the magnitude of defeat; spontaneous demonstrations and massive protests erupted on the streets of major metropolitan cities in Pakistan. [220], In 2000, the excerpts of the Supplementary Report were leaked to a political correspondent of Pakistan's Dawn, which the Dawn published together with India Today. 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Tikka Khan, 87; 'Butcher of Bengal' Led Pakistani Army", "Pakistan's Balochistan Problem: An Insurgency's Rebirth", "Interview of Major General Rao Farman Ali AKA "The Butcher of Bengal, "Pakistan's Nuclear Weapons Program – The Beginning", "125 Slain in Dacca Area, Believed Elite of Bengal", "Martyred intellectuals: martyred history", "Pakistan denies committing war crimes in 1971", "Birth of Bangladesh: When raped women and war babies paid the price of a new nation", "Bangladesh sets up 1971 war crimes tribunal", "Bangladesh to Hold Trials for 1971 War Crimes", "Dhaka demonstrators protest Pakistan's reaction to Molla's execution", "Losing the Victims: Problems of Using Women as Weapons in Recounting the Bangladesh War", "The Hamood-ur-Rahman Commission Report | Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan", "The Untold Story of 1971 – Behind Pakistan's Defeat", "The Genesis of Defeat – How many Hindus have you killed? [86] He then said he could guarantee victory if she would allow him to prepare for the conflict on his terms, and set a date for it; Gandhi accepted his conditions. I pakistani cercarono di stroncare il movimento, tuttavia un crescente numero di soldati di origine bengalese iniziò a disertare in favore dell'esercito clandestino; tali forze si fusero col Mukti Bahini ricevendo forniture militari dall'India. [119]:112 Libyan leader Gaddafi also personally directed a strongly worded letter to Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi accusing her of aggression against Pakistan, which endeared him to all Pakistanis. [165], The war stripped Pakistan of more than half of its population, and with nearly one-third of its army in captivity, clearly established India's military and political dominance of the subcontinent. Le operazioni della RAW nel Pakistan orientale furono la più grande operazione segreta nella storia dell'Asia meridionale. La nascente flotta del Bangladesh (che comprendeva ufficiali e marinai che avevano disertato la marina pakistana) fornì supporto alle operazioni navali indiane, in particolar modo con l'Operazione Jackpot. In nome di Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, invito tutti Bengalesi a reagire all'attacco da parte dell'esercito pakistano. Niazi, the Commander of the Pakistan Eastern Command, at the Ramna Race Course in Dacca at 16:31Hrs IST on 16 December 1971. [13] La controversia linguistica raggiunse l'acme durante una serie di rivolte bengalesi, molti studenti e civili persero la vita negli scontri con la polizia del 21 febbraio 1952. [64], On 26 March 1971, Major Ziaur Rahman of Pakistan Army declared the independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. [106] Pakistan countered the threat by sending the submarine PNS Ghazi, which sank off Visakhapatnam's coast, due to an internal explosion, though whether this was triggered by Indian depth charges, diving to avoid them or some other reason has never been established. Credendo che un attacco indiano fosse imminente, Nixon incoraggiò una mobilitazione cinese sul confine indiano, al fine di scoraggiare tale eventualità. [72] On 28 April 1971, the Gandhi cabinet had ordered the Chief of the Army Staff General Sam Manekshaw to "Go into East Pakistan". The two countries are … Si crede che azioni militari cinesi contro l'India per proteggere il Pakistan occidentale avrebbero causato azioni sovietiche contro la stessa Cina. Diede rassicurazioni all'India sulle possibili contromisure da intraprendere in caso di coinvolgimento nel conflitto degli Stati Uniti o della Cina. This was confirmed by Pakistan's military historian, Air Commodore M Kaiser Tufail, in his book In The Ring and on Its Feet: Pakistan Air Force in the 1971 Indo-Pak War. Nel 1972 l'accordo di Shimla sancì la fine delle ostilità tra India e Pakistan. [74] Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 27 March 1971 expressed full support of her government for the independence struggle of the people of East Pakistan, and concluded that instead of taking in millions of refugees, it was economical to go to war against Pakistan. La Forza bengalese avrebbe dovuto occupare le aree più interne del Bangladesh e poi il governo del Bangladesh avrebbe chiesto il riconoscimento diplomatico internazionale e un intervento indiano. Il 26 marzo 1971 è considerato il giorno dell'indipendenza del Bangladesh. La Lega Awami con quasi 13 milioni di voti conquistò 160 seggi sui 162 in palio nel Pakistan orientale e, sebbene incapace di ottenere seggi ad occidente, ebbe la maggioranza assoluta del Parlamento (300 seggi totali). Gli scontri principali si tennero a Kamalpur, Belonia e nella battaglia di Boyra. La guerra diede origine alla secessione del Pakistan dell'est, che divenne il Bangladesh indipendente. [105], In the eastern theatre of the war, the Indian Eastern Naval Command, under Vice Admiral Nilakanta Krishnan, completely isolated East Pakistan by a naval blockade in the Bay of Bengal, trapping the Eastern Pakistan Navy and eight foreign merchant ships in their ports. La Guerra d'Alliberament de Bangladesh va ser una guerra entre el Pakistan occidental (actualment Pakistan) i el Pakistan Oriental (des del 1971 oficialment Bangla Desh), que es va desenvolupar des del 26 de març fins al 17 de desembre de 1971.La guerra va començar com una insurrecció al Pakistan Oriental liderada pels Mukti Bahini (Lluitadors per la Llibertat). Il Pakistan rispose inviando ulteriori 5 battaglioni. The organisations include the BBC, Akashbani (All India Radio), International Committee of the Red Cross, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, Oxfam and Kolkata University Shahayak Samiti. [232] The treaty provided insurance to Bangladesh that Pakistan recognised Bangladesh's sovereignty, in exchange for the return of the Pakistani POWs. [14] of Pakistani Eastern Comnd., signing the documented instrument in Dacca in the presence of Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora (GOC-in-C of Indian Eastern Comnd.Surojit Sen of All India Radio is seen holding a microphone on the right. [159]:80[166]:57 In the wake of changing geopolitical realities, India sought to establish closer relations with regional countries such as Iran, which was a traditional ally of Pakistan. Il Pakistan riconobbe l'indipendenza del Bangladesh ottenendo in cambio la liberazione dei prigionieri di guerra. Both Pakistan and Bangladesh should look forward for good relationship as both have no other option. [93]:82–83 At the time of the attack, the Taj Mahal had been camouflaged with a forest of twigs and leaves and draped with burlap, because its marble glowed like a white beacon in the moonlight. Gli Stati Uniti furono tra le ultime nazioni a concedere il riconoscimento del Bangladesh. [128]:156 Lieutenant General Jagjit Singh Aurora, the General Officer Commanding-in-Chief of the Indian Army's Eastern Command, led the full Indian thrust into East Pakistan. ", Warner, Geoffrey. The relationship between Bangladesh and Pakistan is not great. "[150], During the course of the war, China harshly criticised India for its involvement in the East Pakistan crises, and accused India of having imperialistic designs in South Asia. L'11 luglio venne istituito il Comando delle Forze del Bangladesh, con il generale Muhammad Ataul Ghani Osmani come comandante in capo, il tenente colonnello Abdur Rabb come capo di stato maggiore, il Capitano A. K. Khandker Vice Capo di Stato Maggiore e il maggiore A. R. Chowdhury come Assistente Capo di Stato Maggiore. A day by day account of the war as seen in a virtual newspaper. The Bangladesh Liberation War , also known as the Bangladesh War of Independence, or simply the Liberation War in Bangladesh, was a revolution and armed conflict sparked by the rise of the Bengali nationalist and self-determination movement in what was then East Pakistan during the 1971 Bangladesh genocide. [83], By the end of April 1971, Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had asked the Indian Army chief General Sam Manekshaw if he was ready to go to war with Pakistan. Desde la división de la India británica en 1947, en una nación multi religiosa, la India y una islámica, Pakistán, aunque en esta, solo se compartía la religión, en el resto de los aspectos culturales y sociales había una grieta insalvable. [159]:79[verification needed], Sri Lanka saw the partition of Pakistan as an example for themselves and feared India might use its enhanced power against them in the future. [100]:75–76, In the western theatre of the war, the Indian Navy's Western Naval Command under Vice admiral S.N. Hasan, Women of Pakistan Apologize for War Crimes, 1996, Sheikh Mujib wanted a confederation: US papers, by Anwar Iqbal, Dawn, 7 July 2005, Page containing copies of the surrender documents, A website dedicated to Liberation war of Bangladesh, Giornata internazionale delle lingue locali, Butcher Of Bengal | Gen. Tikka Khan, 87; 'Butcher of Bengal' Led Pakistani Army - Los Angeles Times, Death Tolls for the Major Wars and Atrocities of the Twentieth Century, Bangladesh sets up war crimes court - Central & South Asia - Al Jazeera English, Demons of December — Road from East Pakistan to Bangladesh, The Tilt: the U.S. and the South Asian Crisis of 1971, Bangladesh Liberation War Picture Gallery, https://it.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Guerra_di_liberazione_bengalese&oldid=117419250, Template Webarchive - collegamenti all'Internet Archive, Voci non biografiche con codici di controllo di autorità, licenza Creative Commons Attribuzione-Condividi allo stesso modo, Indipendenza del Pakistan orientale con il nome di Bangladesh.

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