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Clark was on the left-hand side of the track as von Trips moved across. And those cars in the next lane were really doing 10 kph, and the red lights were all decorative…. In Friday’s Practice, the Red Bulls, Ferraris and McLarens were all fast under hot conditions. német autóversenyző, Formula–1-es pilóta volt. What a lucky guy you are. (If I had a decent map of Paris, I might try figuring out the ‘course layout’.). Don’t know if you read the bios, but here is the first paragraph from Bernard’s: He was an adventurer from his young days, fighting as a volunteer in WW2 when he was only seventeen, traveling to Cameroon and then to California in 1948 where destiny caught up with him: his first job was working together with Phil Hill selling foreign sports cars in Hollywood, and he married a California girl named Joan. “and the Steelers have now matched turnovers with points”. Unless they open things up more in the second half, they’re toast. In an attempt to curb Maserati’s domination, the top two Ferrari cars were shared between five drivers – starting eleventh, the number 18 Ferrari shared by von Trips, Cesare Perdisa and Peter Collins rose to sixth place finish to miss the points by a position. Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Reichsgraf Berghe von Trips (Köln, 1928. május 4. – Monza, 1961. szeptember 10.) Great work and, independently, John is one heck of a nice man and a star or his own right. well, probably 12 people would buy it, but I’d be one!). As a side note, there are significant parallels between the glory and tragedy of Phil Hill’s 1961 Championship with the other American F1 Championship season, 1978 with Mario Andretti. Earlier that year he won the Le Mans 24 Hours for the second of three times in his career. Made my day. After reading his wiki, I think you’re right – the then 25 year old Arnoux would be a better candidate! My father was a friend of Mike Hawthorn and so I was a lucky lad to have been in garages with many of them. The Ray Lewis stuff just makes y’all look desperate. I bet Lewis was incandescent. His affliction was halted by the outbreak of the Second World War, but once the conflict was over, von Trips returned armed with a driving license, plenty of land and the family motorcycle. The racing between Schumacher and Hamilton was superb. 2011 is the fiftieth anniversary of his championship season. I liked the one or two pedestrians jumping out of the way, and the woman walking her dog by the garbage truck. 17-7 mid-2nd. It rode up a 1.5m-high bank and flipped over. The tires were complaining an awful lot which surprised me. expertflashbackhistorichistorylegendsnostalgianostalgicoldoldtimerspastretro, Goodwood 2020: 2020 Whitsun Trophy full race, Goodwood 2020: Gerry Marshall Trophy full race, Goodwood 2020: S.F. The Phillies look unbeatable with Hammel, Halliday, Worley and Lee, what an ERA! the shift points, tire squeals….none of it matches the physical dynamics a real car would be undergoing, nor indeed that the car in the video was undergoing. Notre Dame jumped out to a 14-0 start against Michigan. The Michigan fans were so stunned that they stayed around after the game, and the Michigan band came out on the field to do the half-time show all over again. Cause, quoth the Raven, Terrell Suggs is BAD! In my strange little world, F1 is just one of those keys I never use on my computer. ], [As a second update bonus, I want to add in a couple of pieces from the Road & Track Special for the 50th Anniversary of Phil Hill’s 1961 Championship Season. I also think because of the low ground level placement of the camera, the speed was not nearly as fast as it looks, which is not to say it was not still fast. They just ran a punt back for a TD and are now ahead 38-27. Photo caption: Officials remove the wrecked Ferrari of German driver Count Wolfgang von Trips after a fatal collision during the second lap of the Italian Grand Prix race at Monza Sept. 10, 1961. Where are all the football folks, hmmmmm? When the case went to court, the director stated that the movie was the benefactor of an optical effect due to mounting a small, gyro-stabilized camera below the front bumper of a land-yacht Mercedes, driven by the director at ‘slightly above normal speeds.’ The court accepted his story, albeit with great skepticism. Yeah, the Cahier Archive collection is really something isn’t it? Halfway around the second lap, Clark had fallen behind von Trips and was trying to re-pass the Ferrari as they sprinted from Vialone to Parabolica. This will embarrass YoungDiegoToBe to no end growing up. Randiego is gonna get some of those low-ride-duh wheels that keep spinning even while stopped at a traffic light. Here is an awesome clip for any not familiar with the classic movie. da L’Europeo, di Gianni Roghi – 1961 Well, see, that is one of the problems I saw; the cars and other things higher up off of the pavement did not get overtaken as fast as they would have if the camera car was really going as fast as they wish you to believe. Fangio’s move proved the right call as it transpired that the top four positions were filled by Maserati’s 250Fs, headed by the great home hero. @Jim White: Yep. As a second update bonus in the main post above, I added in a couple of pieces from the Road & Track Special for the 50th Anniversary of Phil Hill’s 1961 Championship Season. I had much the same thought as you expressed, then I looked at the dotted center/lane lines going by. The predictions appeared on point from the get-go when the season started late at Monaco, a race for once free of the reliability niggles that troubled him in the principality over the years. I got a knot in my stomach just watching that. je bivÅ¡i njemački vozač automobilističkih utrka. His Lancia-Ferrari D50 suffered a steering failure, causing the car to spear into the Monza trees in an accident in which his injuries were fortunately limited to a broken arm. Everyone makes choices and the guy made his despite many many warnings about the path he was on. Report. These are both really superb and great reads. 1959 proved a quiet year for von Trips, but 1960 saw the nobleman compete in his first full season in Formula 1, which although it did not deliver a rostrum for Wolfgang, his results through the year proved far more consistent with five points-paying finishes delivering ten points over the ten rounds to see Taffy to seventh in the ’60 championship. What else to call it? Into the Italian Grand Prix at Monza, Von Trips had a one-point lead in the championship. Ferrari driver Wolfgang von Trips was one of the fatal victims at Monza Formula One left the high-speed oval after von Trips’ death The circuit was used for the Italian Grand Prix races until 1961, with the 10 km layout used in 1955, 1956, 1960 and 1961. Von Trips was thrown into the road and both he and 14 spectators were killed. They were smacking Philip Rivers around all game. Hill was also acutely aware of the dangers of motor racing. I was hoping Alonso had a bit more to really challenge Vettel, but that was not to be. Painful memories. The photo at right, again from Bernard Cahier, is of Phil, this one posted as a toast to his 1961 F1 Championship, even though the photo is actually from his Le Mans triumph in 1962. Von Trips was thrown from his car and killed, 11 spectators died at the scene, and four others succumbed to their injuries over the following days. Written on the burial monument of Von Trips, in Latin, is ‘In Morte Vita’ – ‘In death, there is life.’ See here for some simply superb [Cahier Archive] photos from the 1961 season. This is probably Sebastian Vettel’s race to lose in the Red Bull, and I would look to him for the win. I once drove 130 on the autobahn, and that looked a lot like the video. Ferrari’s quest proved fruitful to von Trips, who went on to spend the majority of his racing career driving Enzo’s cars. Again, as with von Trips, Peterson also, despite his death, still finished second in points, behind his eventual Championship teammate, in this case Andretti. While the director’s 275 was sent off to be tuned-up, the driver made daily practice runs in the Mercedes sorting out his route options. Spectacularly good pieces, both by very good friends of Phil’s, R & T writer and photographer extraordinaire John Lamm and the other by Sam Posey. Please give them a look, they are friends to us here, and if you see something you like, and if a racing fan, you will, please support and buy their work. In fact, if the ‘Skins had any other than an ex-FSU kicker (wide right, of course! Another half hour and they should be ready, just in time to watch Bad Eli lose. Another loss today and I’m not sure they can snap out of their slump in time…, Great post bmaz. 18 min. Playing next. A call followed soon enquiring as to the availability of the young count’s driving services…. For all the differences brought by technology and time over five decades, there is much in common. Now that he’s married and getting some at home, Big Ben is not the same snarling madman he used to be. I assume they’ll be fine. Just spectacular. Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Images And here are select scenes from the Monza portion of Frankenheimer’s Grand Prix. In spite of Lewis Hamilton’s resurgence in the McLaren in the second half of the season, I would keep an eye on Alonso. Because the 275 is inelegant and balky when launching from a standing start, they were committed to keeping the whole run between 2nd and 5th gear – which meant running the red lights. Welcome Home Dude! Monza je italské město v oblasti Lombardie v provincii Milano.Od 11. They’ve got a barn burner going in Athens tonight…28-28 UGA and SC in the fourth. In my humble professional opinion, this is not hyperbole. Wow. What a game I missed! A.J. Jim White!! The momentum carried on into Belgium, with Ferrari again dominating in a 1-2-3-4 finish around the 14.1km circuit with von Trips finishing third over the thirty lap endeavour just 0.7 seconds behind Phil Hill. You’re taking me back to my yoot…when men were men, and race drivers referred to footballers and baseballers derisively as “stick-and-ball men” (Moss, I think). On passing one of those sports bars, I saw the helmets of the Cowboys, and thought, wow, there are either a lot of Cowboys fans here, or Cowboy haters, or maybe both. But also it was a turn-over fest by both teams. The 275 at that kind of speed would have been in a dynamic herky jerky state. I fortunate to have been around in the late 50s and early 60s in Europe and went to many of the Grands Prix including all the great circuits…some of which are unfortunately no longer on the schedule. It reminds me of the racing footage and sound effects from “Le Mans” which predates it. I miss him. Rendevous – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LlPfilnRDuI. I know it’s hard for Stiller fans to own that, but jeez one is football, the other is a bit more serious. With only a chain fence between the spectators and the track, there was precious little to separate car from bodies. Undoubtedly the greatest piece of ‘cinema verite’ from a race fan’s point of view, this uber famous clip of a Ferrari 275 roaring down the cobblestone streets of Paris at dawn on a Sunday in ’74 features a 165mph run down the Champs d’Elysee, a split-second decision to veer through the Louvre courtyard to miss a bus and frightening acceleration up the hill at Montmartre! thanks for some great sports writing over the last few months and for bringing F1 into view for me. I envy you having met these guys. During the fateful second lap, untold tragedy struck. @randiego: We were in Las Vegas tonight, having dinner before a peep show(! The Chargers are being beaten soundly by the Vikes. Wolfgang von Trips - 49 years... - posted in Racing Comments Archive: Whilst we all gear up for qualifying tomorrow, I ask that we take a moment to remember Wolfgang von Trips, who was on course to win the 1961 F1 season before a tragic accident at Monza 49 years ago today. The 5.7-kilometer, or 3.5-mile, circuit has four long straights where speeds can reach 340 kph or more. Dicing with Jim Clark’s Lotus, the two cars touched under braking and his red Ferrari somersaulted into the crowd. This time however, von Trips enjoyed a little better Italian luck as he scored his first points and podium with third aboard Ferrari’s 801 to wrap up 14th in the ’57 title race with four points to his name. The contact fired the Ferrari left towards the crowd. Great work. Those Notre Dame Lucky Charms uniforms are not magically delicious. ), they’d be up by 3. Talk about lucky bounces! The Italian Red will be out in full force, and Fernando is still, when he wants to be, as fast a driver as there is in the Circus. My football motto proves out not once, but twice: that fellow that’s running by you (db calling yourself poaching) is the one who’s going to get the football. Phil would would most certainty be heart warmed by your passion and your reverence of his livelihood. I am thinking of starting a fund to get the Randiegos a nice set of fuzzy dice! Von Trips had led the championship standings going into Monza, but on lap two, his Ferrari touched Jimmy Clark’s Lotus. The guy is a douche. some great rallys. I have missed you brother, and glad to hear things are starting to stabilize and come around physically after the big valve job. Many tipped Wolfgang von Trips as a serious title contender in 1961 armed with the all-new rear-mid engined 1.5-litre ‘shark nose’ Ferrari 156 and the ‘horse behind the cart’ for the first time. Apparently Brett Favre is now playing quarterback for the Cowboys. Great race between Shuey and Hamilton for third. I guess it was exciting because both defenses were so bad. And I did warn you which McLaren driver would be on the podium. Wolfgang was back in action for the season opener in Argentina – a 100-lap race around the 4km Buenos Aires circuit where von Trips had the dubious honour of filling the reigning then four-time world champion Juan Manuel Fangio’s seat after the great Argentinian had jumped ship to Maserati on his mission to a fifth world title. When we started the 2011 Formula One season back in March, I noted that 2011 is the 50th anniversary of the magical 1961 F1 season in which Phil Hill, driving for Ferrari, became the first, and other than Mario Andretti in 1978, only American Formula One Grand Prix World Champion. mounting a small, gyro-stabilized camera below the front bumper of a land-yacht Mercedes, driven by the director at ‘slightly above normal speeds.’. The Scuderia produced the benchmark car in the 156 ‘Sharknose’, powered by its V6 ‘Dino’ engine. Yeah, right. ), http://jalopnik.com/199552/claude-lelouch-explains-rendezvous. Well, in the immortal words of the Allman Brothers, that was then and this is now. Despite ND’s loss last week, some of the TV pundits are predicting ND to beat Michigan, and to wind up in a bowl game. @bmaz: Yeah, that was one hell of a wallop he laid on rapist Rothlisberger. It ran along Seaside and Shoreline, the few times I was in LB at the same general time. auto-prix-f1-monza-von-trips-accident A woman under shock walks away from dead bodies following the accident caused by German driver Wolfgang von Trips, whose Ferrari crashed into the crowd killing 15 spectators during the Italian Formula One Grand Prix on September 10, 1961 in Monza. Phil and Gurney laid out most all of it for original race promoter Chris Pook. John’s is a wonderful race by race trip, as related by Phil, through the 1961 season. Wolfgang von Trips personified racing royalty. I’m not a racing fan, but even I could pick up on the excitement of F1 from your post : ). Wolfgang von Trips, Grand Prix of Italy, Autodromo Nazionale Monza, 02 September 1956. Wolfgang von Trips Monza '61. It wasn’t Hamilton on the podium at Spa. As Brent Musberger enthused, “This game is an instant classic!” 3 TDs in the last 2 minutes by Michigan??? Also, they decided to run barely muffled exhaust-pipes, counting on rattling every brick in front of them to keep the way clear of pedestrians. Pity the McLarens and Ferraris were not more on the mark earlier, so there was a real dogfight down the stretch. In the early days, he raced under the pseudonym Alex Linther to try not draw attention to his lineage – a move not uncommon, as you will read throughout our Racing Royalty series. Who’s the Cards QB? The Ferrari 275 is an awesome car, one for the ages in many respects. Five years earlier his steering had broken at Curva Grande, sending him into the tre… He is an ASU man of course. Jenson also has been making a push. This Dallas-hater revels in it, particularly b/c that made me 2/3 for Sunday: Philly and anti-Dallas won. Glory for all the top teams and of course it was great to see the old meister really on form, including getting right to the edge. Say, this game reminds one of a few years ago when the unvictorious and untied Wolvereenies took on the unvictorious and untied Fighting Irish. and just before the half Janikowski hits a 63 yarder, tying the record for longest field goal. I was never so fortunate. With two races to go, 3rd was all von Trips needed to win the championship, and was on course to do this after … Come on dude, that stuff is just weak. Video: Legendary Le Mans Porsches at Goodwood! Jenson really is the thiking man’s driver, keeping back in case Lewis and Scgumi had a crah-fest, then just popping through, calm as you like. Then again, Monza also happens to be one of the most historic racing tracks in the world, and, sitting as it does in a royal park, it has a national monument feel to it as well. Funny thing, yesterday afternoon MsDiego and I were visiting friends in Long Beach and we had dinner at Pine and E.Ocean. Highway 61 Revisited - Bob Dylan - Desert Trips 2016 - Indio CA -October 14 2016. One would be excused for thinking Andy Reid would have learned proper clock management skills and techniques from his Super Bowl debacle. @bmaz: unless i completely misread the channel guide, it was on Versus here which i don’t get…. I watched it without the sound on. I have been a race fan since I was a child, my dad raced a Bug Eye Sprite back then. Until his tragic accident, there was every possibility he would be crowned champion. His relatives obstructed his passion for racing cars, to the extent that he started racing under a false name, Axel Linther, as his nickname, “Taffy”, was too well-known. Tabor, and Peter was so elated that he wanted to build tabernacles for everyone so they could hang around for a while longer. An excellent race but for Luigi shunting the mid pack at the start. And thus, effectively, ended the 1961 Championship season (remember Ferrari did not, under the circumstances, even compete in the final race at Watkins Glen). I would like to personally thank Paul-Henri Cahier of the Cahier Archive. Watch this kid – he’s been blowing up plays all through training camp. Once the torrential rain eventually dried up at Aintree, Ferrari had locked the podium as von Trips stood on the top step following a dominant drive to a 45 second win over Hill. The championship protagonists were two decidedly different characters. He probably wouldn’t take that from anyone else in the World. If you are a F1 and international motorsport fan, you can literally die and go to heaven in the Cahier Archive. @radiofreewill: 1958 started quietly with von Trips’ season commencing at round two at Monaco but marred by a late engine failure. Wolfgang von Trips was born on May 4, 1928 in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany as Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Berghe von Trips. Monza was renovated over a period of two months at the beginning of 1948 and a Grand Prix was held on 17 October 1948. Welcome home my friend! And now we are at the 2011 Italian Grand Prix, at the once and future home of F1 speed, Monza. Mike Hawthorn won with von Trips third place in a race marred by the death of their Ferrari teammate Luigi Musso. Luckily for Taffy, as his close friends called him, legendary Mercedes race team manager Alfred Neubauer noticed von Trips and offered the young German a seat in one of his silver arrows sports cars. [As an added bonus, and thanks to Nomolos for reminding me in an offhand way, I have added in a video clip from John Frankenheimer’s 1966 classic movie Grand Prix that is the Monza footage from the movie. John’s is a wonderful race by race trip, as related by Phil, through the 1961 season. I wrote most of the main post from memory as well as notes and articles I have had around for quite some time, except for a couple of things like the Brad Spurgeon piece on Monza. ABOUT | CONTACT | SUPPORT | COMMENT POLICY | PRIVACY POLICY | LOGIN, https://www.emptywheel.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/Logo-Web.png, Italian Grand Prix 1961-2011: Monza, Death of von Trips & A Yankee Champion. His early exploits are not adequately recorded, but in 1954 he bought Porsche 356 and entered the Mille Miglia. There is nothing like the Formula One circus; that was the case then as much as it is now. Ferrarihad reacted to the reduction in engine capacity for the 1961 season better than anyone. Oblong ball report: It was fun watching the red lights being run through. I was just 15 when started hanging out in Europe, back then, going to school in Switzerland and living Cap Ferrat…too much for a young lad but a time I look back on with pure delight. Here is a layout of the original course. I am sure that, when he passed me earlier, he had decided his was the faster car and I would be left behind.”. Yet fate would not have it and instead Wolfgang von Trips’ tragic loss inspired technological and regulatory change to promote driver safety that has since reduced the tragedy of Formula 1 to the very bare minimum. The race immediately prior to Monza was the German Grand Prix at Nurburgring (the Bernard Cahier photo above is of Phil in the 1961 German GP), which was won by Stirling Moss in the underpowered, but well handling and superbly driven Lotus-Climax. Wolfgang Alexander Albert Eduard Maximilian Reichsgraf Berghe von Trips (Cologne, Njemačka, 4. svibnja 1928. So began the 1961 Italian Grand Prix at Monza. “I was preparing to overtake him and my front wheels were almost level with his back wheel as he started to brake,” Clark described afterwards. On the morning of the shoot, according to the anonymous driver, they stationed the flagman at the Louvre, and drove the race set-up Ferrari flat-out through the streets with the director riding shotgun. and Tony Romo singlehandedly snatches defeat from the jaws of victory. @bmaz: Gotta disagree with you on the actual speed. @randiego: (Shhhh, lowly Panthers and rookie Cam Newton whipping Cardinals), @bmaz: Phil Hill German GP 1961 - Cahier Archive. Jul 1, 2017 - Explore Kev G's board "Wolfgang von Trips" on Pinterest. After that, Michigan led the scoring 7-3, so ND now leads 17-7. @radiofreewill: Wow. Call it the Immaculate Bounce? JETS get lucky again. Today I have the Bolts vs Vikings. So, there is the Italian Grand Prix, both then and now. “Monza features the highest straight-line speeds of the year at around 350 kph, the highest average lap speed and, at 83 percent, the highest percentage of the lap spent at full throttle — not for nothing is it known as a ‘temple of speed,”’ said Norbert Haug, vice president of Mercedes-Benz Motorsport. They were still sufficient to delay von Trips’ F1 debut into 1957. The latest Michigan touchdown has to go into the books as the bizarro play of the year. Michigan’s defense clearly had a rocky first quarter. @Jim White: Sawx are going to do their classic impression of lawn furniture in New England, i.e., come Labor Day, they fold up and get put away for the winter. The circuit's biggest event is the Italian Grand Prix.With the exception of the 1980 running, the race has been hosted there since 1949. While his family wanted young Wolfgang to develop a love and knowledge for agriculture so he could manage the family farming business around its Burg Hemmersbach castle in the Rhineland, in his youth, von Trips would frequently visit the nearby Nurburgring, where he developed an underlying appreciation for motorsports. I agree that the lower camera mount gives the impression of greater speed…but, but, but when I ‘borg’ into that clip, then like phred it tightens me just to watch it – it just feels legit to me, and ianaracecardriver.

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